veterinary mobile apps are cost-effective and incredibly important to increase sales and gaining new customers.

Are you a veterinary doctor ? Look around your customer base and you will notice 98% of them have a smartphone that they use even whilst having sessions. Your customers and potential customers are on mobile right? So let us help you engage, promote and increase your bottom-line as well as retention through a custom vet mobile app today.

Vet mobile app have become increasingly important for growing your business. It is the easiest way for your customers to find information about your Vet clinic through their smartphones that they use daily.


On average 7 out of 10 people own a Smartphone. 88% of 16 to 24 year-olds now own a Smartphone and that we spend more time on our Smartphones or Mobile devices than we do sleeping.



Benefits of a Veterinary Mobile App

Increase Veterinary Customer Retention

Your veterinary clinic mobile app opens up your business to a totally new level of marketing that is so personal to your customers or target audience. This is one of the sweetest things about vet clinic apps.

You can increase visits to your spa from your current customer base by offering them a mobile loyalty program through your app. Each time a customer visits your shop, your staff can give them another virtual stamp with a reward “Get 5 Stamps to Win A Free Session for Two with a Bottle of Wine”. When their virtual card is full, they can unlock the reward in the spa. Your staff can make this happen and take a few quick pictures with the customers via the mobile.

Increase Customer Engagement & Bookings

Customers nowadays want immediate access to reservations, information, offers and news via their smartphones or tablets on the go. So the Beauty Spa app allows you to engage with your audience on a very personal level.

A mobile app enables your business to be available at all days, nights, weekends and holidays and allows you to offer customers on-the-go access, reservations through our built-in reservation system, reward programs, offers/promo opportunities and much more.

You can also proceed to use your existing reservation system or utilise our sophisticated built-in system. Your existing spa reservation system can be incorporated into your application - offering consumers immediate access to table bookings.

Engaging with your customers has never been easier than with a veterinary clinic app. The vet clinic mobile app practically helps you to engage more with customers building your brand connection with them.

Easily Promote Your Vet clinic mobile app App via Push Notifications

Marketing, in general, has changed a lot over the years more so in the past 5-10 years with the rise of smartphones and tablets. Our Beauty Spa apps stand above the rest when it comes to promoting your business.

This is where our Push Notification and Local Push Notification (Geofencing) make it easy to market and promote your Vet Service. We help you to lower SMS advertising and marketing expenses. Rise earnings. By giving you Unrestricted, Unlimited Push Notifications absolutely FREE.

Confirmed to be a lot more effective compared to SMS messaging. Push messages are messages your consumers intend to get.

The beauty of our system is you can schedule different campaigns for however long you want, 3, 6,12 months and the system with automatically work to promote your spa.

Awesome & Effective App Management

gomobi Vet Mobile Apps for are regulated utilising our powerful yet user-friendly client management portal that can be accessed via desktop or tablet. We also have an app for just monitoring your app statistics, sending push notifications and receiving orders.

Monitor App Statistics.

Review detailed records and also track the success of your Vet Mobile application. Monitor the number of telephone calls, appointments as well as references you get.

Take Full Control Of Your App.

Edit tabs, services, important info - actually any type of facet of your Vet mobile app, quickly from within your client user interface.

Boost Your Vet mobile app

Utilising the power of social media channels to promote your Vet mobile app and current offers all via the app is another sure way to generate business. In-built social sharing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to promote your business to their friends/fans.

Incentivize consumers for suggesting your Vet Mobile App on Facebook as well as Twitter.

Offering rewards will urge social sharing leading to enhanced likes, tweets as well as inevitably table reservations.

Incredible Features

Vet Mobile App Features

Our apps for Beautician are packed full of features designed to increase customer retention, engagement, loyalty and marketing.

We work and integrate with all the best platforms

Great Pricing for All

Our native Custom Vet Mobile Apps for your Pet Grooming service are very affordable starting from £60.00.
Please do get in touch with to find out more.

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