More Than Just App Creation


Responsive App Site To Promote Your App

More than just App creation gomobi App helps you to promote your app. We go that step further to ensure your app is reachable and can be found easily by offering you a responsive app site where you can place attractive promotional copy and good-looking screenshots of your app. The site will also contain links of your app from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, this enables anyone who opens the site on their smartphone can download the app from the store.

We also encourage you to tell people about your app site via social media for that extra drive for downloads each week. This makes it possible for you to increase your app download rate and you can track that via our robust analytics.

I am using the app CALMChurch. Download the app at


Promotion Inside the App

We also provide promotion opportunities right inside your app with our “Tell A Friend” feature. You can tell all your friends via social media on Facebook or share it on Twitter and Google+ — as well as email and SMS right from your app.

Tell a Friend feature will automatically pre-populate your chosen method of sharing the app with the right information for the viewer to install and download the app on their devices.


QR-Code for Easy App Downloads

We’ll also give you a QR code, which you can link to promotional material that allows everyone to download the app directly. This lowers every threshold and makes the download as easy as possible.

gomobiApp QR-Code Generator

Postcard Promotional Material

We shall also provide you with a wonderful postcard design, full colour and print ready in PDF with all the information about your new app and QR-Code for quick download of the app. We only print upon request and agreement of cost, otherwise you can use any printer of your choice.


Free, But With In-App Advertising

This is a version you've most likely viewed often in the applications on your smartphone. In this business model, you remove the price obstacle to acquiring your app and permit totally free downloads. Your goal is to build up a substantial customer base and also compile info on individuals interacting with your app. Then, once your app has a good following fan base you can engage one of our in-app advertising network partner for ad placement.

We have partnered with the top 3 leaders in this sector of in-app advertising, AdMob by Google, dfp (DoubleClick for Publishers) by Google and iAd by Apple. They drive mobile ad revenue by integrating banner, interstitial, or video ads seamlessly into your app. The variety of formats means you have lots of choices to provide the best user experience. We have also made it very simple to connect to your chosen in-app network by just one click process via our built-in CMS

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We roll out videos every so often to demonstrate the versatility of our app platform and features that we believe are revolutionary to your business niche.