Built-in CMS & Management On the Go


Create and Manage Content From the Backend

We have the most advanced built-in content management system that allows you to create, manage and update your app content from the backend. The system has been simplified into 3 steps, Content, Appearance and Publish. You will be in the driving seat of your app to update images or text quickly and effortlessly. The built-in CMS also provides you with access to the Messages (Push Notification), Analytics, Help Desk, QR Codes and Account.

Content CMS Appearance CMS Publish CMS


Updates on The Go - SKIPPER

Skipper is our iOS mobile app to you and the perfect tool to manage your business’ application on the go.

Once you launch Skipper simply log into your application’s account to view all your users’ activity.

Send targeted push notifications to your users, see orders, reservations, and loyalty interactions made.

See how many users have downloaded and interact with your business’ application.

  • Send full-featured push notes
  • Manage orders on the go
  • View Reservations
  • Monitor Analytics
  • Get updated when users get rewards for loyalty
  • Receive notifications when users install and use your app

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Analytics that Enable You to Take Action

Powerful analytics at your disposal that allows you to recognise trends to enhance engagement with your app

Your Own Dashboard

Mobile app analytics could tell you a wide range of standard information concerning your application, such as exactly how it is made use of, who uses it, as well as a lot more. Armed with the information you obtain from the analytics, you can determine which features are preferred, which are not, which system is sending you the most customers and similar factors.

A lot more particularly, if you login to your gomobi Apps account as well as have a look at the analytics tab, you can:

  • Check usage by location
  • Check the usage by app feature or “tab”
  • Compare the usage by platform (iOS, Android, and HTML5)
  • See new visitors versus total visitors
  • And more


Measure Engagement Not Just Downloads

When you've seen the information given by the analytics tab, you could begin asking questions as well as boosting your application. If you don't have any type of individuals in a particular city, is it as a result of competition? If a tab is unused, is it considering that no person cares about that attribute or is the attribute merely not functioning effectively? If every one of your users originates from the Android platform, possibly it's time to stop running specials that shout Apple followers ...


Digging Deep into Your Analytics

Place the analytics details to make use of, making one of the most preferred tabs a lot more noticeable, repairing or getting rid of undesirable tabs, and catering to your largest fanbases (or stepping up initiatives to chase members of your tiniest fanbase).

That is, don't allow launch day be the last day you appreciate your application. Sign in on it after some time has passed, as well as do some tweaking. In this way, you'll enhance effectiveness, maintain your individuals satisfied, and also ensure that your application does not wind up in the Recycle Bin.

  • Check usage by location
  • Check the usage by app feature or “tab”
  • Compare the usage by platform (iOS, Android, and HTML5)
  • See new visitors versus total visitors
  • And more

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