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Keeping an eye on what’s occurring at school and also following big events at hand can be an obstacle for mums and dads. If you’re like me with a hectic work timetable, and a busy personal life with kids in secondary, primary and nursery schools as a lot of us do nowadays, anything that makes the day go a bit less complicated is a welcome bonus.

The Problem

I recently went through the frustration of many parents that face with the school communicating to me as a father on key events or PM – parent meetings. My son was given a letter for a PM (Parent meeting) but the letter never got to me. He was given this letter about 3 weeks in advance, so the day came and I didn’t show up for the meeting. Then the following day I got a courtesy call from the school and I was disappointed, alarmed, unhappy and ashamed that a missed such an important meeting as a parent I felt all those feelings. I wondered how could I have missed this, so I decided to dig into this a little and yes I found the letter tucked in his dictionary upon asking why I never got this letter I was told “I forgot about it and forgot to give it to you, sorry daddy”

Those familiar words; I am sure many parents can relate to this and many other situations and challenges the school faces on how to engage with the parents effectively. With technological developments such as the smartphones and tablets, that has actually transformed dramatically the world in the last couple of years. From social media and instantaneous messaging as well as access to the 4G internet whilst on the move, we can currently locate all the info we require just by grabbing the phone and touching a couple of buttons. Online stores could contact us directly with their most current deals and also we can keep an eye on just what is taking place in the world with instantaneous notices.

The Solution

The fantastic news is that schools are now starting to invest in native school mobile apps which are designed to keep parents educated, in the know regarding exactly what is going on. For many, it is proving a good time saver and resource of essential info that is readily offered at the touch of a smartphone button. Essentially, a school application permits them to send out push notification alerts to mums and dads, conserving a lot of money and time whilst keeping every person informed.

Schedule changes, events get cancelled, days out and parents meetings, mums and dads do not need to go searching for pieces of paper or searching for them on the school website, they can simply click the application and obtain the alert link.

It’s fast and easy to download and install, generally very easy to use. Not only that, it’s totally free.


Enhancing Parent to School Communications

The fantastic thing about the gomobi school app is that it can send out parents push notifications. If there’s a problem or parents require being reminded regarding something it will certainly come up on the smartphone or tablet computer display as an alert.

Our school app notification could be tailored to particular years as well as individuals which mean that mums and dads will not be bothered by notices that typically aren’t particularly relevant to them.

This also enables parents to play their part in enabling the school to be environment-friendly and innovative – making sure money isn’t being thrown away on printing, sending letters and flyers and also management time isn’t really invested in aiming to get in touch with individuals to update them about any kind of little adjustment in the school schedule.

It allows mums and dads to arrange their lives better because they could inspect exactly what is going on when they need to organise something on the same week or day. Information is power and the gomobi school app empowers parents and educators by naturally enhancing the level of engagement with one another.

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Mums and dads can even connect with the application and participate in surveys and fill out questionnaire forms within the gomobi school app that help enhance the running of the school.

They could interact more with the school by getting enjoyable updates – for instance, if the kids are out on a day journey images could be posted to reveal what a good time they are having.

The School Mobile App Revolution 

More and more schools are now embracing the mobile app advancement because it compliments and helps them to interact more effectively with parents. A few years ago this was a pricey and also time-consuming process to set up for any school– first you needed to locate the cash and afterwards, you had to obtain the ideal programmer to develop and test the application together.

Nowadays, things are a lot easier and schools are uncovering that it’s affordable as well as simple. For parents, it’s a lot more exciting because they actually take advantage of the lifeline of the school and utilise the application to help arrange their day along.

To learn more regarding getting an app for your school click here, or if you wish to connect with gomobiApp team to learn even more or if you have any questions please get in touch.