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One vital aspect of this generation is the use of smartphones. If you run any type of business at all you need to have a mobile marketing strategy integrated into your digital marketing strategy. And if your think you can put off this mobile marketing craze then you’re hugely mistaken. If you desire to begin or improve your present advertising approach, then this write-up is exactly just what you need to read.


The facts is Mobile isn’t the Future but it’s Now

Mobile internet usage has now surpassed desktop, proving that mobile is not just the future but is now the way of life. As you may look around you everywhere you go people have a smartphone and are glued to their devices. There is a new catchphrase in the marketing world right now and is termed as “mobile first”. What that means is that as a business owner you should be re-thinking about your customer journey and specifically include their mobile experience.  You need to cater your content and brand experience to the mobile user if you want to survive in this digital age.

This doesn’t just mean a mobile website, “it means that marketers really need to sit down and completely rethink their customer experience and re-map out their customer journey, especially as it relates to its largest-growing demographic of new consumers and employees, the millennials”, says MarketingLand.


Mobile Marketing

So first what is not mobile marketing? Most business owners already have a responsive website and have gone through the process of creating and making their content responsive available on mobile devices for their clients and consumers. Now if you’re reading this and you don’t have a responsive website for your business then you need one right away. Get in touch with MediaWorkx Creative Digital for a quick quote. Need I say more, a responsive website isn’t a mobile marketing but just part of it.

Likewise, a well-thought business mobile app by itself isn’t mobile marketing, but one of the channels your business can surely benefit from in its mobile marketing strategy.

So them Mobile Marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, via websites, email, Push Notifications and social media, and apps.

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1. Be Unique

Now I understand you may say oh that is easy said than done, what a cliché. One of they factors in business is that every successful business has a uniqueness to it. Whether it’s its customer services or it’s product offering, marketing campaigns or a combination of all. Establish your business’s uniqueness and translate into your mobile marketing strategy. You need to offer your materials, services, products in a distinctive way if you want to stand a chance of grabbing the attention of your prospective clients and lock them in.


2. Offer Exclusivity

Build exclusivity and status into your mobile marketing. Follow your mobile marketing by offering special offers to your mobile audience just available to those who have downloaded your mobile app. Also, a point to note is to segment your mobile audience into various groups to enable you to send out targeted push notification messaging. At gomobiApp we have an awesome platform for segmentation and push notification that will help in driving more customers retention and general sales.


3. Fully Utilise QR Codes

Making use of QR codes in your mobile marketing strategy is key to the success of your campaign. QR Codes stands for “‘Quick Response Code”, it’s a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using smartphones and dedicated QR code reader. The amazing thing is that a QR Code can be linked directly to text, emails, websites, phone numbers, mobile apps, product or services and much more!

QR codes are an excellent means to offer engaging and interactive campaign to your target market. Connect the code to a discount deal, discount rate or cost-free present then send a push notification out to create authentic buzz for your brand! Share the campaign on social media and on print as well since QR Codes can be in print marketing as well.

One of the best ways share it is to include it in your email signature for anyone to scan it.


4. Utilise Push Notifications

Push notifications or push messages are one of the unique features in our mobile app platform. They are at basic alert messages that get sent out to appear on the home screen of the smartphones that have downloaded and accepted to receive a push notification from your app.

When used well push notifications always deliver a higher yield of engagement; and when used poorly the results can be the uninstallation of your mobile app. So one must be cautious and know how to utilise push notification well for their business specifics and campaign needs. We have a monthly Webinar on Push Notifications.

The golden rule is to make your message to produces a more personal milieu that will enable you to bond with them and make your message seem less robotic or automatic and more realistic, friendly, and in general more genuine.


5. Keep it simple

I can’t overemphasise this in every marketing strategy simplicity rules hands down. So it is very important to keep the marketing goals clear from the start and then build from there. By using Google analytics one is able to learn more about their audience

  • Mobile Behaviour – shows you how your mobile content engages your audience
  • Mobile Conversions – shows you how your landing pages perform
  • Mobile App Download – shows you the numbers of downloads in iOS and Android
  • Most Used Tab – shows the best features of your mobile app

Us that data to redefine your campaigns and marketing strategy to deepen your engagement boost your ROI.

To promote to a variety of customers, location ads on a variety of external mobile websites. Advertising rates for the mobile version of the website are often less costly but will get your ads seen by a fantastic offer of consumers.


In Conclusion

To sum up, the execution of your mobile marketing strategy is one of the essential factors. You only have the interest of your audience for a split second before they might turn somewhere else. Ideally, you will be able to take all of the recommendations supplied in this short article and utilise it to build the perfect mobile based marketing plan. I hope I have inspired you to think about Mobile Marketing and how important it is for your business.

If you need any help on a business mobile app or marketing get in touch with me at or via twitter @JPMunupe