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8th July 2016

W hile apps remain to dominate the mobile market, many business owners aiming to develop one are thrown for a loop by limitless trends as well as terms. There’s a whole lot to find out, but if you need to settle on one thing, make it the push notification. A lot more complex as well as durable compared to the text, push represents the contemporary wave of communication that places more function in business owner’s hands, and also it’s probably the best ROI attribute of all.

Like messages, push alerts delivered directly to users’ phones when they’ve mounted an app. Unlike texts, they have a wide range of personalisation options that can raise customer involvement. So as a company owner, you’re probably asking on your own a few inquiries:

  • Just what are the major advantages?
  • Exactly how do they function?
  • What ideal methods should I adhere to?

Why do people use push notifications?

The capability of the push depends on your viewpoint. To users, the push notification represents immediate access to information with little to no energy on their component. Wish to know if your local hair salon has offered for the weekend, or if the gym class is still on Friday? Anxious regarding school trip? Looking for the latest bargains? Push alerts, notifications or messages deliver essential details without costing customers time or cash.

For companies, push alerts supply a riches of advantages:

  1. Share bargains and promos instantly
  2. Boost customer communication without influencing your timetable
  3. Automate inner experiences
  4. Up visibility merely by developing a mobile existence

Push notificationExactly how do I send them?

Your app designer will normally offer an interface for crafting and also sending out push notifications. A well-developed interface supplies a variety of marketing advantages, including customer segmentation and involvement stats. You can target the right individual with the right message instead of pestering every person with the same exhausted, generalised projects. Users are more likely to appreciate exactly what you push when they identify with it.

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Exactly how do my consumers opt in?

iOS, as well as Android, take care of push notification opt-ins differently. iOS customers are cued to enable push notifications when they launch an app for the first time, while Android customers are chosen in automatically (as well as disabling them takes a little elbow grease). There are benefits to both strategies. The reaction rate– on a variety of customers who really connect with push notices– is undoubtedly higher for Android individuals, who don’t have an option in the matter. However, they’re also most likely to feel spammed without consent, leading several of the market’s most significant tech journalists to sign up with the app inconvenience conversation.

Apple’s method is a bit much more determined; iOS individuals say yes or no from the beginning, putting them in control of whatever follows. When an iOS user gets a push notification from an app they have installed on their smartphone, they’re usually aware of the fact that they consented to them at some time. All the same, one of the most important variable to consider is the value of the message you’re sending out.

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What makes a push notification valuable?

Despite how users opt in, it’s essential that they’re rewarded with messages that are worth their time. A push notification is an exceptionally helpful tool– a direct line to your customers’ main communication device. As the claiming goes, “With great power comes great responsibility or duty of care.” So if you get “pushy, and frantic” you might get your mobile app deleted from your target audience. On the other hand, if you’re underutilising push alerts, both you and your clients are losing on value.

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So just what is “worth”? Your push notifications need to motivate individuals to take action that benefits them and notifies you. While they retrieve deals or learn something new, you reap the ROI incentives and examine involvement data to repeat on your marketing approach. It gets rid of the uncertainty, providing you with a straight idea right into exactly what’s working as well as exactly what’s failing so you can continuously change and also generate income from.


How do push notifications show up?

Push NotificationThey appear on both iOS and Android systems ar a banner or pop-up notification on top of the screen when the phone is in usage. On iOS, Apple has a Notification Center that users could access by swiping downward. Android users get to see the unread messages via the locked screen on their devices. iOS customers have a little bit more control than the Android users – they can customise specific app notifications, from sounds on or off, to choosing the style of how the notification is showed your device (banner, alert, badge app symbol). Some users allow sound signals while others maintain it silent, choosing vibrations or absolutely nothing whatsoever. Android uses a formal banner to display all the messages with little scope for change on the OS level. Overall, it makes for an extremely personalised experience.



iOS Android
Permissions Opt-in required using default screen No opt-in required
Body character limits
  • 117 characters for lockscreen and 128 characters for alert style notification (4 lines)
  • 97 characters for banner style (2 lines)
  • Depends on the device.
  • 1 line in preview with ability to expand to 8 lines
  • Display format can be customised with layouts
Direct app open Yes Yes
Deep link support Yes Yes
User control of app level push notifications Yes Newer versions of Android have this setting. Not required opt-in.
Image support Apple Watch only Yes
App badging Yes Available on certain manufacturers’ custom Android OSes (Samsung)
Sound support Yes Not at an OS level, but can be coded.
Payload limit 2 kilobytes 4 kilobytes
Interactive buttons Limited to 2 Up to 3
Feedback Not from an app, rather through APNs Feedback Server Yes, response from the App/Device
Direct app feedback on delivery No Yes
Device management
  • iOS adds a message to Notification Center.
  • iOS 9 chronologically; iOS 7-8 by app
  • Android allows for notifications to be displayed on lock screen
  • App decides whether to display or hide
Message queuing for offline devices Stores only one unsent, more recent message
  • Can store 99 messages
  • Updates based on collapse keys


Just what are location services?

Both Android and also iOS prompt customers to allow location services. When an individual opts in, the device periodically sends location information to the app. This is an amazing function for both businesses and also customers because it facilitates targeted, relevant messaging. Imagine your running a local Cafe in the City Centre and it’s the low turn out day for your business. You can utilise the geofence push notification to automatically send out messages to all your app users within a certain perimeter or 5-10min walk from the cafe. So anyone who walks or comes in within the distance or your geofence automatically get “Your 5mins away from Ken’s Koffee pop in for a cuppa with a free muffin and wi-fi”. Top companies like Groupon notifies you when you’re close to a company you’ve bought a coupon from, increasing redemption prices.

Area solutions ultimately aid you to offer your customers the special treatment they want, popping up on their displays right now they’re probably to engage. It’s a straightforward means to state, “Hey, I understand you’re in the location, as well as we have a good deal for you.”


Geofence Push Notification

Geofence Push Notification

Just how can I effectively use push notifications?

Identifying what works well for your business this may take some thought. Firstly, make sure you’re thinking about the value a message holds to completion individual. Don’t over-do it and also spam their smartphones, with irrelevant messages this may lead to the dreaded app uninstalls. If you understand your customers personally, you currently have enough understanding to stay clear of the most common errors. Bottom line, evaluate the trends and afterwards utilise them to your benefit. Always talk to us to find out what are the new best methods you can send push notifications to your target audience. 

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