5 Simple Functions to Take Your Hair Salon or Beauty Spa Mobile

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5 Simple Killer Functions
That Will Take Your Hair Salon or
Beauty Spa to the Next Level

Written by JimPatrick Munupe

T he Beauty Spa, as well as Hair Salon industries, are greatly driven by local repeat business or clients. While their solutions (haircuts, manicures/pedicures, massages, etc.) are necessary and often demanded, the industry itself is very over saturated with rather identical rivals.

So how do you set your outfit apart? Just what makes your shop a step over the rest?

Well for a long time it’s been how trendy, posh, friendly customer services, great decor, great products in the offer and accredited stylists win the town or locality. But the times have changed as all the above are good adjustments to make if you’re not offering them yet.

The solution is easy. By offering your customers a salon mobile app or spa mobile app you are not just going to reveal what time slots you’re available for work but also what your team is capable of doing. You can also offer them exactly what they require – An innovation that will certainly make their lives less complicated.

With a salon mobile app or spa mobile app dedicated to your company, you will certainly unlock the power of customer retention and repeat business. “The chance of marketing to an existing customer is 60-70%. The likelihood of offering to a brand-new prospect is 5-20%”- Marketing Metrics. This quote alone ought to inform you precisely that you must be marketing to, and also exactly what much better method to put this at work compared to by utilising a mobile app that is particularly designed to target as well as produce these repeat consumers.

So without any further chit-chat from me, let’s look at the 5 key features your hair salon and spa can benefit from a mobile app.

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Mobile Reservations

– Implement an optional upfront commitment fee for the visit.
– Manage your visits with a beautifully integrated schedule.
– Receive notices through email when sessions are scheduled.
– Provide customers with very easy session administration.
– Book more clients and raise repeat appointments.

Loyalty Cards

– Implement a mobile version of a conventional stamp card.
– Manage your user’s voucher task.
– Develop various levels of perks to better compensate your most devoted individuals.
– Provide individuals with a motivation to return to your company.
– Book even more customers as well as increase customer loyalty.

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Push Notifications

– Implement a notification system to remain in contact with individuals.
– Manage your alerts throughout iPhone, Android, Facebook, and also Twitter.
– Target certain customers and areas with radial as well as geo-fencing technologies.
– Provide users with very easy updates and crucial details.
– The book, even more, clients and raise individual interaction.

Mobile Payments

– Implement a mobile repayment system.
– Manage your individual’s transactions as well as repayments from our free Skipper app.
– Receive repayments quickly to your PayPal for the company account.
– Provide users with a straightforward and also rapid means making repayments.
– Book even more customers as well as increase sales.

Social Network Referrals

We have great integration of social media to your app that allows you to keep your customers on your app and not out. This means your hair salon app or a spa app can make referrals easy. With a single click, a user can post to a social media account on Facebook or Twitter about their experience with your business. This allows you to earn new business organically through the networks of existing customers.

In Conclusion

I hope you can now see the importance of having a custom salon mobile app or beauty spa mobile app that not just makes consumer lives less complicated however additionally permits you to engage with them on that personal level. Your business can most certainly harness the most effective methods of marketing in this era to produce new business as well as maintain existing business.

Get in touch with us for your custom salon/spa mobile app today or book a totally FREE demo.